Arabidopsis thaliana accessions sequenced by the DOE Joint Genome Institute

The six Arabidopsis strains were assembled from paired-end Illumina sequence reads against TAIR10 by the Joint Genome Institute to an average depth of 35 to 60x. Assembly was undertaken using maq-0.7.1 as outlined in Li H., Ruan J. and Durbin R. (2008). The Arabidopsis seed stocks sequenced were obtained from INRA Versailles and correspond to: Blh-1 (180 AV), Ri-0 (160 AV), Jea (25 AV), Sakata (257 AV), Oy-0 (224 AV) and Alc-0 (178 AV).


All data is available for download in our Data Center.


For any questions concerning the data contact Joshua Heazlewood, for any problems downloading/accessing the data contact Joffrey Fitz.