1001 Genomes
A Catalog of Arabidopsis thaliana Genetic Variation
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AraPheno is a public database collection of Arabidopsis thaliana phenotypes.

VCF Subset

Download subsets of 1135 VCF files for specific genes or regions for selected accessions of the 1135 set.


With Pseudogenomes you can easily download sequences for specific genes or regions for selected accession of the 1135 set.

Strain ID

Given a set of SNPs, Strain ID computes concordances to the 1135 strains and reports a ranking of the most similar strains.


easyGWAS is an integrated interspecies platform for performing and comparing genome-wide association studies.


GWAPP enables reseachers working with Arabidopsis thaliana to do Genome Wide Association Mapping (GWAS) on their phenotypes .

1001 Proteomes: An Arabidopsis thaliana non-synonymous SNP browser

The 1001 Proteomes portal provides a simple way to browse changes to proteins caused by non-synonymous single nucleotide polymorphisms (nsSNPs) in accessions or natural variants of Arabidopsis thaliana.


Browse analysed sequences for 80 MPI strains.


POLYMORPH is a collection of databases and web applications for storage, retrieval analysis and visualization of polymorphism data from whole genome re-sequencing projects.


Search assembled genomes by the MPI and download scaffolds.


View gene alignments for assembled MPI genomes.

TAIR Converter

T8T9 converts TAIR8 coordinates to TAIR9/TAIR10 and vice versa.

Col-0 DB

Col-0 DB is a catalog of variations and sequencing errors in the reference strain Col-0.